• We are a South African startup robot development company

    Things are simple and difficult stuff do not stay that way long.

  • Our current focus is to develop Educational Robot Kits for teaching coding skills.

    Things are simple and difficult stuff do not stay that way long.

  • Our ultimate goal is to build a humanoid robot product in the near future.

    Things are simple and difficult stuff do not stay that way long.

More About Us

Who Are We.

Tzaneen Robotics is a startup company that was founded in February 2021 for the purpose of developing robot products and other related technologies. Our company is registered as a private company with the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) as Tzaneen Robotics Pty Ltd 2021/415526/07 and is currently owned by one director.

Our Values.

Chief among our values is "Simplicity". Just like Albert Einstein, we also "believe that the universe" is "simple and beautiful". Following this, we also strongly believe in "Creative Freedom", "Elegance", "Reason", "Learning", "Diversity & Unity" and "Transparency".

Our Approach.

The most amazing things in the universe are simple at elementary level. Digital systems and the brain are amoung some of the examples. Thus, we believe that starting simple and building simple results in a sophistication more profound than would otherwise be achieved.

Our Vision.

We believe that humanoid robots will be the next step in the computer revolution. They will be the means through which the realm of computer systems will be extended from the cyber world into the physical world.

Our Mission.

Our mission at Tzaneen Robotics is to contribute positively to the development of robotic technologies and the problem of "General Intelligence".

Our Current Focus.

The desire to prepare for the looming reality of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) - even on the part of some governments, has given rise to a growing need for educational project kits that can fascilitate the learning of skills such as coding, electronics and robotic technology. As an example, around April 2023, Kenya was said to be the first African country to roll out a curriculum that includes coding throughout the country while South Africa is set to do the same thing very soon as well.

For this reason, we at Tzaneen Robotics plan to tap into this rising market through a range of educational robot kits that will teach coding, electronic and robotic technology principles in one product. Although our target offerings should be affordable and of a nature simple enough to introduce to children in primary/elementary school and high school, we are determined to offer nothing less that real robots that could be used in a real world production environment; that is to say that we do not intend to offer products that can be miscontrued as toy robots.

The first robot that we will soon offer as a kit that will be assembled and programmed by the customer will be a single robot arm called "Monolimbia" that will have 5 degrees of motion (excluding that of the fingers on the hand) and a set of two interchangable hands that will comprise of one with just two fingers and one that uses suction cups. It should be roughly half a meter high from the base to the end of a vertically orientated elbow and with an appearence shown below.

Front View
Side View


Upper Part, Front View
Upper Part, Front View


Upper Part, Right+Front View
Upper Part, Right+Front View


Our Company's Current Need.

In order to achieve our goal, we need start-up capital of about R360 000.00 or about US$20 000.00 of which 60% is set for purchasing equipment that will fascilitate the speedy manufacture of robot products. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for discussions about investing in our company if you are interested in our project. To that end, use our contact details displayed at the bottom of our page to contact us.

Meet Our Team.

Goodness Ngoveni

Lead Researcher & Developer

I am the founder of Tzaneen Robotics and a self-taught Electronic Systems, Robotic Technology and Software Development freelancer and a Control and Instrumentation Artisan by trade. Learn more about me.

Difference Sibiya

Mechanical Technician

I am the Mechanical Technician at Tzaneen Robotics. I studied mechanical engineering and worked as a Fitting Apprentince at Arcelormittal Coke and Chemicals for two years.

Solly Mongwe

Welding Technician

I am the Welding Technician at Tzaneen Robotics and specialise in welds with extremely low tolerances for industrial operation. I have an accumulated 6 years of industry experience in this capacity.

Lindiwe Mohlaba


I am the Administrator at Tzaneen Robotics. I studied Human Resource Management and have worked at various places such as learning and retail institutions in this and/or similar capacity.

Recent Developments.

As of June 2023, we have partnered with a local NGO called "Nhlalala Ya Vatsonga" that runs and promotes programs that are aimed at being beneficial to the community and with a greater emphasis on helping the youth to develop into responsible adults that will contribute positively to their communities. Learn more about Nhalala Ya Vatsonga by visiting their website: www.nhlalalayavatsonga.org.

Nhlalala Ya Vatsonga invited us to show case some of our technologies to young people in primary and high schools in communities at the proximity of both Tzaneen Robotics and Nhlalala Ya Vatsonga with the aim of motivating them to play around with electronics, coding, robots and artificial intelligence. Learn more about this from this media article published by a local news paper called "Letaba Herald".

Nhlalala Ya Vatsonga in partnership with Tzaneen Robotics in 2023
Demonstrating at BM Mkhabela High School on the 19th of June 2023
Demonstrating at Burgersdorp Junior High School on the 22nd of June 2023

Get In Touch With Us.


Please use this information to contact us.


Tzaneen, Limpopo
0850 South Africa

Contact Numbers:

Mobile: (027) 81 499 1276

Email: info@tzaneen-robotics.com

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